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TRIMIS: Monitoring Transport Research and Innovation in the European Union and beyond

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The aim of TRIMIS is to make use of past & ongoing research to help steer future research and policy in transport. It utilizes research and innovation knowledge management and meta-analyses for steering future research and innovation policy, including clustering and trend identification, gap analysis. TRIMIS is an integrated transport policy-support tool that provides open-access information on transport research and innovation. TRIMIS is a one-stop-shop for information about transport research and innovation activities and its main aim is to support the implementation of transport policies at European Union and Member State level. The role of TRIMIS project is to collect, curate, analyse and disseminate data on transport research and innovation in Europe and beyond and to analyse technology trends and R&I capacities in transport sector. 

The main aim of the poster is to present the European Commission’s Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) and showcase its potential benefits for transport research stakeholders. TRIMIS addresses all transport audiences, from policy makers, through research community to general public. It provides decision-making support information regarding achievements of research and innovation activities, current trends, and identifies research gaps which should be addressed in future projects. TRIMIS reports summarise policy landscape, key challenges, project achievements and remaining research gaps.