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1st MENA Public Transport Congress and Showcase

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In order to consolidate the knowledge and experiences developed within the region, the MENA Division of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) has decided to organise the first ever MENA Public Transport Congress and Showcase in Dubai. This event reflects the scale of knowledge and ambition – providing a natural progression and an opportunity to really define the future of public transport in the region. It is now time to take the second gear and connect all existing and recently implemented bits and pieces in order to offer citizen an end-to-end collective transport solution. The central theme Providing travelers with a seamless journey in public transport “Integration” will be the global theme of this first MENA congress. All different aspects of integration will be considered, such as organisational integration (establishment of transport organising authorities), new technologies (integrated travel information, management tools and electronic ticketing), and modal integration (interchange stations)... The concept - All Congress sessions will include speakers from the MENA region and top level international speakers - A Showcase to complement the expertise of the Congress sessions - A place for business, learning and networking.