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Air Quality Forum 2018

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Implementing solutions through integrated planning and transport to improve air quality in the UK

Why attend?

The Air Quality Forum will provide essential insight and allow attendees to share experiences on how to improve air quality and reduce emissions. Attendees will explore the practical short and long term solutions which can be introduced and managed through the integrated efforts and responses of planning, transport and health.

Event highlights:

  • Explore how to introduce a joined-up targeted response to improve air qualitythough integration of both planning and transport
  • Understand how the planning system can support the reduction of emissionsincluding considering the use of supplementary planning guidance and available mitigation measures
  • Explore how to coordinate response and introduce practical solutions with limited resources in the most cost effective way
  • Hear how to plan for and anticipate changing technologies including the rise of electric vehicles
  • Learn from the air quality improvement measures introduced in London and how these solutions can be applied in your area
  • Explore how to have a holistic and consistent response to air quality at authority, county and national level