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CEDR workshop on Recycling: Road construction in a post-fossil fuel society

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This workshop is organised as the final event of the CEDR Call 2012 Transnational Research Programme. CEDR, the Conference of European Directors of Roads, initiated this programme in response to the common research needs of its National Road Administration (NRA) members. The Recycling programme was formulated by CEDR’s Technical Group Research and is being managed on behalf of CEDR by the National Roads Authority in Ireland. The participating NRAs in this Call 2012 are Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Norway who provided the funding and technical management for the programme.

The overall aim of the Transnational Research Programme “Road construction in a post-fossil fuel Society” is to develop concepts and strategies for road construction with limited resources of construction materials. The solutions must be feasible, valid and cost-effective.

The programme is based on three objectives which were developed with the concepts of:

Investigation of recycling and multiple recycling of construction materials
Creation of technological replacement solutions for currently used resources of construction materials
Availability of the road network in a post-fossil fuel society

This workshop is the final event of the programme which brings together three research projects (EARN, CoRePaSol, AllBack2Pave) that were procured under the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2012: Recycling. The objective of the workshop is to present the results of these projects and provide a forum to discuss implementation at both national and European level.