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CIVITAS PORTIS Behaviour Change Webinar 2

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Find out why the Smart Ways to Antwerp route planner won the Agoria Smart City Award and how the popular tourism destination of Trieste is enabling visitors to make the smart and sustainable mobility choice in the city, whether arriving by land or by sea.

The CIVITAS PORTIS webinar series is sharing the experience and lessons learned from the five project cities; Aberdeen, Antwerp, Constanta, Klaipeda, and Trieste, as they seek to foster a shift to sustainable mobility through a combination of behavioural change campaigns, new digital services and physical infrastructure improvements.

Webinar 2, ‘The Digital Dimension’, will present the innovative features of the Antwerp route planner, including its ability to present truly multi-modal mobility solutions (i.e. not only public transport + walking) and factor in roadwork delays. The City of Trieste will provide insights into the benefits and challenges of developing a data-sharing platform and app, which enables it to provide dynamic information to visitors on park & ride/bike options, as well as recommended walking and cycling tour itineraries.

For more information, please visit the CIVITAS Portis website.