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Creating a Sustainable Energy Future with Fuel Cells in the Regions of Europe

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Joint workshop for members of the Assembly of European Regions and FuelCellEurope to identify:

- Innovative fuel cell and hydrogen technical solutions aimed at increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources
- The opportunities for projects, interregional co-operation and involvement in EU funded RD&D activity

At enerGaïa Montpellier, France

- The full-day workshop will be hosted at enerGaïa, an International Renewable Energies Exhibition, December 6th to 8th in Montpellier.
- The aim of the workshop is to explore how members of the AER and FuelCellEurope could work together to accelerate the wide-scale deployment of fuel cells in Europe. In particular:

Explore and prioritise applications that are suitable and of interest to AER members for FC equipment now and in the near term (1-2 years)
Determine a plan of action to include demonstration, testing market introduction and bundling of demand for these products.