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Decarbonising road transport: policy options, electric vehicles and transitioning to a low carbon system

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Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)


This timely conference focuses on next steps for decarbonising road transport in the UK, assessing commercial prospects and policy options - and the way forward for innovation in all-electric vehicles, hybrids and alternative fuels.

Discussing both private and public transport, it comes in the context of consultation on a new UK Air Quality Plan that puts forward a range of emission reduction measures.

Delegates will consider policy options including the development of Clean Air Zones, vehicle scrappage schemes, adapting driver behaviours, and initiatives to increase the uptake of alternative fuels and electric vehicles.

Sessions will also examine additional requirements specifically around electric vehicles, the role of subsidies such as the expanded Plug-In Grant and the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, as well as the technical and regulatory priorities for increasing electrification of the road network, installation and management of new charging infrastructure, and challenges for the electricity grid for increasing demand in homes and in public places.