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European Mobility Week

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EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is DG MOVE's flagship annual campaign, taking place from 16 - 22 September every year.

Since 2002, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK has sought to improve public health and quality of life through promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport. The campaign gives people the chance to explore the role of city streets and to experiment with practical solutions to tackle urban challenges, such as air pollution.

More than 2000 cities organise events for the promotion of sustainable urban mobility in Europe and beyond and all events can be registered on the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK website to help promote the activities organised in different cities. MOBILITYACTIONS can be registered on the site by anyone - whether an emplyer has decided to actively promote walking to work or using public transport, or a cycling group has planned a cycling event during the week. For example, during "Mix and Move" events, people are invited to combine different modes of transport for their (daily) journeys rather than the transport mode they would usually use.

These events often culminate in a car-free day, and there are many opportunities for residents to interact with local authorities and discuss the benefits of active and sustainable transport. 

The campaign provides the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility  alternatives to local residents and to explain the challenges that cities and towns are facing. By taking part, towns and cities can showcase the benefits of cleaner transport choices and make progress towards better mobility in Europe.

Local authorities are strongly encouraged to use the week to test new transport measures and get feedback from the public. It is also an excellent opportunity for local stakeholders to get together and discuss the different aspects of mobility and air quality, find innovative solutions to reduce car-use and transport emissions, and test new technologies and planning measures.

To discover more about how participating towns and cities have used the campaign to enhance their sustainable transport policies, visit the campaign resources page.

The mobility week runs alongside the European Day Without a Road Death campaign, on 21 September, 2018.