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Global Challenges in Transport Oxford Leadership Programme : Smart Technologies course

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Explore the latest research and thinking on what the current rapid changes in technology mean for the future of people’s mobilities and everyday lives in a 4-days residential course by Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit (17-20 March 2020).

Rapid changes are taking place in transport systems and mobility cultures across the globe. A variety of actors are investing growing resources in developing new and smart technologies and innovative solutions for transport and mobility.

This 4-day residential course is part of our Global Challenges in Transport Oxford Leadership Programme, designed to provide decision-makers with the necessary skills and expertise to address the complex challenges of sustainable transport futures.

The course offers the latest thinking on the potential implications of the introduction of new and smart technologies for the future of transport and mobility. It adopts a specific focus on the development and diffusion of smart technologies for passengers and freight transport and new perspectives on their potential to help reduce transport-related environmental impacts. It also considers their effects on people’s mobility and everyday lives across different population groups and geographies.

The core sessions of the course cover key topics for the understanding and development of smart technologies including:

  • Electric vehicles: adoption and vehicle-to-grid transitions;
  • Shared mobility and Mobility as a Service;
  • The societal implications and ethics of vehicle automation;
  • Governing transport in the smart city.