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"Green and Smart Mobility: new solutions for the mobility of the future"

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Rue Belliardstraat 60-62, 1040 Brussels
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10 October 2019    Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union - rue Belliardstraat 60-62, 1040 Brussels    

Polis-moderated event on Smart and Green Mobility at the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union.

Battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are likely to dominate future mobility.

  • What are the newest solutions carmakers and service providers are coming up with to solve technological challenges?
  • How can deployment of shared, clean, smart and on demand mobility solutions for people and freight help cities in dealing with congestion, better use of space, livability, clean air and inclusion?
  • Finally, how are policy makers managing the infrastructural and industrial transition that these new technologies involve?

These are the questions that experts from all fields of clean energy and mobility will ask themselves during the Polis-moderated event "Green and Smart Mobility: new solutions for the mobility of the future".


  • 14:15TECHNOLOGIES AND IMPLEMENTATION Presentations by Eindhoven University of Technology, e-Mobil, DATS24/Colruyt, VDL
  • 15:00SMART SOLUTIONSPresentations by Vrije Universiteit Brussel/Mobi,, Transport and Mobility Leuven, City of Mannheim
  • 15:45POLICY CHALLENGES Keynote by DG MOVE; panel discussion with policy makers from Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium


10 October 2019

13.30 - 17:30


Representation of the State of Baden- Württemberg to the European Union

rue Belliardstraat 60-62 1040 Brussels


Researchers, companies, citizens organizations and policy makers that are active in the field of clean energy, automotive and sustainable mobility.


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Participation is free, but registration is mandatory