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The international geo-community will meet in person and digitally at INTERGEO 2022 from 18-20 October in Essen, Germany.

Neighbourhood planning, city administration, building security – options are being sought everywhere to make cities smarter and to design smart cities that make more sustainable planning, building, living, doing business and living possible. On its EXPO areas, INTERGEO 2022 shows where the journey is going and offers space for discussion and dialogue. It underlines the importance of the role of geo-applications in the search for practicable solutions to the current and future major issues of humanity.

Exhibitors can present their achievements on the smart city, construction and planning processes, mobile mapping or other geo-based topics to a broad audience on the EXPO area. As part of the connected, three-day congress, forward-looking discussions will also be initiated on the CONFERENCE area and important questions will be raised in the field of digital twin and urban planning on the topics of climate change, sustainability and mobility, among other things. At the integrated drone trade fair INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, the FLIGHTZONE is available as a commercial UAS specialist on the outdoor area, where the special features of unmanned aerial vehicles can be exhibited.

For more information, please visit the website.