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iVT Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium 2019

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Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)


Autonomous vehicle technology has the potential to revolutionise the commercial and off-highway vehicle industry by improving safety and dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency, while significantly reducing costs.

The iVT Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium will bring together R&D engineers, robotics experts, OEMs, autonomous vehicle systems hardware and software engineers, test and development experts, and heads of design and engineering from around the world.

Discussions will cover the growing possibilities and future developments for autonomous vehicle technology, unmanned systems and robotics for commercial and off-highway applications.

It is a must-attend event for all OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, and anyone involved in the next generation of autonomy for industrial vehicles.

The call for papers is still open and invites conference papers providing a technical insight, sharing unique challenges or discussing technical solutions. Submit your paper for consideration. 

For more information, please view the event website.