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Rethinking the Urban Environment: The EU Transition Towards Smart Cities

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Smart mobility and services (SMO)


This international symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity to engage with recent policy developments at EU level and scrutinise the future of smart cities globally. It will also enable delegates to analyse recent technological developments and suitable funding opportunities which can underpin the success of future transitions. The event will bring together representatives from the EU and national institutions, the private sector and the civil society  to share best practice and provide a broad range of perspectives.

Delegates will:

  • Discuss the latest developments in the EU policy framework for smart cities
  • Analyse existing smart-city projects and share best practice
  • Learn about cutting-edge technologies for sustainability in the city
  • Develop understanding on which financial sources best suit each project
  • Learn how to facilitate investments and enhance cooperation among stakeholders
  • Gain insight on big-data solutions and ICT-based applications in the urban environment
  • Broaden their network and build constructive partnerships to implement effective smart-city solutions
  • Assess how to pre-empt and collaboratively address emerging risks