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Training programme for organising authorities

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Objectives of the training are:

to present basic definitions related to the institutional organisation of public transport: Strategy-Tactic-Operation; different types of authorities; regulated vs. deregulated market;
Give an overview of the different types of contracts and associated levels of risk;
Provide participants with in-depth and up-to-date information on the new Public Services Requirement (PSR) regulation;
Present and discuss practical issues in contracts: such as the tender, the selection procedure, the management of the contract, quality management;
Increase awareness of the operator point of view on contracting;
Favour exchange between the participants Methodology.

The course consists of presentations covering a whole subject from a general point of view as well as in-depth analysis of subtopics followed by case studies. To foster exchange between the participants, the programme is made up of workshops. It is indeed an excellent occasion to share experiences with other participants but also with instructors. To provide optimal training conditions, there is also a social programme intended to facilitate interaction between participants.