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Transnational Workshop: Data-based planning of energy-efficient public transport services and infrastructure

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This webinar will present methods and use cases from the InterregCE EfficienCE and LOW-CARB projects that demonstrate how data-based planning can be used to implement and manage energy-efficient public transport infrastructure in Central-European contexts.

Together with external experts, panelists will grapple with the topic of data-based planning in a live discussion alongside the presentation of project activities and findings.

This webinar is a part of a series being run for the LOW-CARB Follower City Programme which provides a structured schedule of training, pilot launches, and webinars to help boost cities’ awareness, knowledge, and expertise of low carbon mobility (especially in the Central European context). Please join the schemes follower cities in thought-provoking and hands-on training and events that apply the teaching from the LOW-CARB lessons. 

For further information and up-to-date details visit the event website.