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VREF Conference on Urban Freight:

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The Urban Freight Platform (UFP) organises on 17-19th October 2016 the second international conference on freight transports in urban areas. The three-days conference will take place in Gothenburg (Polis Member City) and will follow up on the success of the conference held in March 2015.

The conference will bring together public authorities, transport operators, researchers and industry stakeholders in order to discuss the complexity and challenges of urban freight transports.  The main focus will be on:

  • the need to share space for freight and passenger transport;
  • the need to consider a regional dimension;
  • finding solutions on how to better plan the use of space in denser cities;
  • working on behaviour's change

The conference will consist of two parts. On the first day there will be a series of short academic presentations in the form of parallel streams; on the following days space will be given to panels and break-out sessions in order to share knowledge and find innovative solutions on urban goods movement.

The UFP is an initiative based in Sweden and supported by the VREF (Volvo Research and Educational Foundations).

The registration form is available here.