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Call for book chapter on Improving Personal Mobility in Urban Environments through Intelligent Multimodal Routing


Objective of the Book
This book will aim to illustrate the state of the art on novel ITS and to show examples of how mobility, especially within urban environments, can be dramatically improved through the adoption of state of the art techniques in several domains of relevance for ITS. The book in particular offers a unique perspective presenting how personal mobility can be improved through a range of different, yet complementary, technologies, ranging from personalized routing engines to location based services, from crowdsourcing data to GIS-oriented infrastructures, leveraging on new portable smart devices and novel human computer interaction. Last, but not least, the book will illustrate, through a number of practical examples, how the use of the aforementioned novel technologies, developed in the context of the EU-funded project i-Tour, have been beneficial to improve mobility of people in the context of a few pilot programs in Europe.
Target Audience
The target audience of this book will be composed of scientific and technical communities within the areas of GIS (Geographical Information Systems), ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), and Recommender Systems. The book will address the GIS community, presenting how existing interoperable geospatial web-services can be extended to support the needs of next generation ITS. Experts in the ITS domain will be able to read about state of the art techniques for customized routing algorithms able to be adapted in real-time and according to a user’s profile to the varying conditions of complex multi-modal networks. Lastly, the reader will experience how the latest developments in the domain of recommender systems can turn travelers into “prosumers” of context-aware information that can be used to develop information-rich personalized travel assistants.
Editorial advisory board

  • Theo Arentze, TUE – Technical University Eindhoven
  • The Netherlands Thomas Benz, PTV AG, Germany
  • Scott Cadzow, C3L, UK
  • Davide Calì, ULA, Italy
  • Licia Capra, UCL - University College London, UK
  • Cristina d’Alessandro, Formit Foundation, Italy
  • Corrado De Gioia, Fiat Group Automobiles, Italy
  • Federico Devigili, Fondazione Graphitech, Italy
  • Anita Fiorentino, Fiat Group Automobiles, Italy
  • Daniele Magliocchetti, Fondazione Graphitech, Italy
  • Piero Trucco, FORMIT Servizi S.p.A, Italy