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4th Inter-ministerial Land Transport Research and Innovation Programme



4th Inter-ministerial Land Transport Research and Innovation Programme
4ème Programme National de Recherche et d'Innovation dans les Transports Terrestres

Background & policy context: 

PREDIT is a French programme and national platform for coordinating public support to reseach and innovation in the area of land transportation. Its fourth edition was launched and implemented by the three French ministries responsible for ecology and transport, industry and research and three funding agencies (ANR, ADEME and Bpifrance). It covered the period 2008-2012 and was extended by one year.

PREDIT 4 continues on from the previous four programmes: PRD3T (1983-1988), PREDIT 1 (1990-1994), PREDIT 2 (1996-2000), PREDIT 3 (2002-2007).

Strategic Objectives: 

PREDIT aims to further progress in knowledge and techniques, towards two goals:

  • making transportation systems more efficient;
  • providing support to the definition and application of public policies in the area of transportation.

The 4th PREDIT programme’s general objectives are to encourage developments in: 

  • Transport technology,
  • Transport-related services,
  • Knowledge and tools for public policy.

More specifically, the 4th PREDIT programme covers land surface transport (road, rail, waterways) and their interfaces with maritime and air transport, focusing on dynamic aspects related to traffic-flow management. In so doing, the programme promotes environmental considerations: 20% energy-efficiency enhancement, priority to alternative transport modes, development of green-taxation.  

Programme organisation: 

The PREDIT 4 structure consists of a piloting committee, a strategic orientation board, and 6 research fields known as Operational Groups (Groupes opérationnels - GO). At the heart of the PREDIT 4 structure, the GO's drive the research calls, provide expertise, and carry out dissemination and valorisation activities. 

The 6 GO's are the following:

GO 1 – Energy and Environment: research in propulsion technologies, and in greenhouse effects and impact assessments.

GO 2 – Quality ans safety of transportation systems: aimed mostly at enhancing road safety and accessibility, this Group also undertake research in rail safety, traffic management, ergonomics, and comfort.

GO 3 – Mobility in urban areas: aimed to devise new transport systems and services adapted to urban sprawl, bearing in mind sustainable development issues.

GO 4 – Logistics and goods transport: this Group focuses on interurban non-road goods transport, promoting alternative modes through service quality, tracking, infrastructure optimisation, intermodal effectiveness, and interfaces with air and maritime transport.

GO 5 – Transport industry competitiveness: research will be carried out on transversal methods that could enhance the transport industry’s efficiency, notably conception tools and processes, and ICT integration.

GO 6 – Transport policies: aimed at addressing the review of forecasting and assessment tools, and subsequently, control tools and methods (especially finding and pricing tools).

More information can be found on Predit 4 in brief Six active years

Leading Institutions:

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The funding scope of Predit 4, decided in 2008, amounted to 400 million euros of public funds over 5 years, as part of a total expected research investment of one billion euros.

Public and private sector research teams, together with innovative companies can appy for funding for projects within the framework of Predit. Funding is granted by one of the programme's partners depending on procedure and involving sums that depend on the type and attachment of the organisation applying for funding, as well as on the funding body and the nature of the study or the research project.

Calls for proposal are regularly posted on topics covered by operational groups, either separately (funded by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Ecology MEDDE or ADEME) or crosswise (funded by ANR). Projects proceeding from competitiveness clusters and related to land transport are funded through calls posted under the FUI within the framework of Predit.

Bpifrance has its own specific funding procedures and only SMEs and SMIs can apply. This regional offices could provide with further information.

The Predit operational groups may additionally consider and redirect application for funding, to be referred to the secretary of the relevant OG.

Total Budget: 
400 M€ (349 M€ awarded)
Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 


Project Profiles:
  1. Help pedestrians to move in urban areas
  2. Tools for the specification and design of railway disc brakes
Contact Name: 
Véronique Domenech
Predit Permanent Secretariat
Tour Voltaire - La Défence Cedex
Contact country:
+33 140 81 14 17
Fax Number: 
+33 140 81 15 22