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4th Inter-ministerial Land Transport Research and Innovation Programme

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Background & Policy context

PREDIT is a French programme encouraging research, experimentation and innovation in land transport. It was launched and implemented by the ministries in charge of research, transport, environment and industry, ADEME (Environment and Energy Agency) and ANVAR (Research valorisation agency - now known as Oséo). By stimulating cooperation between the public and private sectors, this programme aims at conceiving transportation systems that would be economically and socially more effective, safer, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly.

Strategic Objectives

The 4th PREDIT programme’s general objectives are to encourage developments in: 

  • Transport technology,
  • Transport-related services,
  • Knowledge and tools for public policy.

More specifically, the 4th PREDIT programme covers land surface transport (road, rail, waterways) and their interfaces with maritime and air transport, focusing on dynamic aspects related to traffic-flow management. In so doing, the programme promotes environmental considerations: 20% energy-efficiency enhancement, priority to alternative transport modes, development of green-taxation.  

Programme organisation

The PREDIT 4 structure consists of a piloting committee, a strategic orientation board, and 6 research fields known as Operational Groups (Groupes opérationnels - GO). At the heart of the PREDIT 4 structure, the GO's drive the research calls, provide expertise, and carry out dissemination and valorisation activities. 

The 6 GO's are the following:

GO 1 – Energy and Environment: research in propulsion technologies, and in greenhouse effects and impact assessments.

GO 2 – Transport quality and safety: aimed mostly at enhancing road safety and accessibility, this Group will also undertake research in rail safety, traffic management, ergonomics, and comfort.

GO 3 – Mobility in urban areas: research will seek to devise new transport systems and services adapted to urban sprawl, bearing in mind sustainable development issues.

GO 4 – Logistics and goods transport: this Group focuses on interurban non-road goods transport, promoting alternative modes through service quality, tracking, infrastructure optimisation, intermodal effectiveness, and interfaces with air and maritime transport.

GO 5 – Transport industry competitiveness: research will be carried out on transversal methods that could enhance the transport industry’s efficiency, notably conception tools and processes, and ICT integr


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Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The PREDIT programmes do not have an overall budget per se, with budgets coming from the participating ministries and agencies. The PREDIT board advises research projects on financing conditions and each individual project is financed by one or all of the 3 Ministries and 3 government agencies involved.

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Véronique Domenech
Predit Permanent Secretariat
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