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Centre for Logistics and Freight Transport (various projects)



Centre for Logistics and Freight Transport (various projects)
Center for Logistik og Godstransport

Background & policy context: 

The research within transport and logistics needs to be strengthened, and multi-disciplinary research projects are necessary.

Strategic Objectives: 

The objective of the Centre is to obtain an increased knowledge about the various stakeholders within the logistics and transport sector and to develop new methods and concepts which are applicable to the stakeholders. This includes organisational and management concepts as well as methods based on mathematical models in order to support the various stakeholders which briefly can be characterised as follows:
o Manufacturers and consumers of goods (transport users).
o Transporters (operators, forwarders, etc.).
o Transport infrastructure owner (public authorities, ports, airports, etc.).
o Public authorities (political means and control).
o National economics (derived effects of the transport system and the external influences).

Programme organisation: 

The Centre for Logistics and Freight Transport (CLG) is a multi-disciplinary research centre on logistics and freight transport. The Centre is headed by the Centre of Traffic and Transport (CTT) at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). CLG is a co-operation between a number of Danish and international universities and companies.

Leading Institutions:

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The Centre is mainly funded via a grant of Dkr.20 million over a four year period. This grant is also supplemented by other funds. The funding finances 6 Ph.D.-projects, 8 post-docs., seminars, network activities with international scientists as well as various activities at the post-doctoral level.

Participating countries: 
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 
  1. System Analysis
  2. GIS-based Object Model
  3. Supply Chains
  4. Supply Chain Structures and Decision Support Models
  5. Concepts and Organisation within the Transport Sector
  6. Optimisation Models for the Transport Sector
  7. Transport Models
  8. Socio-Economic Models
  9. Evaluation Methodology
  10. Network Activities
Project Profiles:
  1. Concepts and Organisation in the Transport Sector
  2. Optimisation models for the transport sector
  3. Transport models
Contact Name: 
Prof Otto Anker Nielsen
Contact Email: 
Center for Trafik og Transport
Bygningstorvet 1, bygning 115 Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Kongens Lyngby
Contact country:
+45 45 25 15 24
Fax Number: 
+45 45 93 64 12