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Estonian Science Foundation


Estonian Science Foundation
Sihtasutus Eesti Teadusfond

Background & policy context: 

Two national funding instruments terminate in 2016: targeted financing of research topics and the Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) grants. Newly the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) is to finance national basic and applied research and researcher mobility.

Strategic Objectives: 

The objectives of the ETF are:
- to foster the development of basic and applied research in the main areas of scientific strength and in fields of special importance for the Estonian economy and society
- to support the most qualified and successful researchers and research groups
- to involve post-graduate and doctoral students in active research
- to facilitate international cooperation and mobility of researchers

Programme organisation: 

The Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) is an expert research-funding organisation. Its main goal is to support the most promising research initiatives in all fields of basic and applied research. The ETF uses state budget appropriations to award research grants on a competative basis to individuals and to research groups. ETF also aims to support researchers early in their career and represents the Estonian research community at the international level.

Leading Institutions:

Type of funding:
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

Individual daily mobility and transforming spatial structure of post-socialist metropolitan regions
Developing cognitive measures for evaluating attention problems and impulsive performance in car drivers
Spatial Population Mobility and Geographical Changes in Urban Regions

Project Profiles:
  1. City Region as a Life Cycle: Indicators and Synthesis of Environmental Impact of Urbanisation
  2. Mobilitas 2008-2015
  3. Research and development of new converter topologies and control methods for fast charging of electric vehicles
Contact Name: 
Kati Kio
Estonian Science Foundation (ETF)