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Finnish Maritime Administration (various projects)

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National (Finland)
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Background & Policy context

The R&D of Finnish Maritime Administration focuses on research on waterborne transport operating environment, development of waterborne transport, development of services and service production of the administration and development of the administration as a whole.

The R&D activities consist of strategic projects, strategic themes and other development projects.

Since 1 January 2010, the Finnish Maritime Administration has merged into the Finnish Transport Agency.

Strategic Objectives

The Finnish Maritime Administration's R & D focuses on five priority areas:

  1. Development of the waterway network as part of the Finnish traffic logistics system
  2. Processes and product development
  3. Safety and the environment
  4. The operating environment of shipping and the promotion of waterborne traffic
  5. Utilisation of the new opportunities provided by ICT.

The key areas of the R&D activities include both project entities and strategic themes when the R&D activity cannot be referred as a single project. The 'development of information management' is a strategic project supporting all priority areas and to support the goals of the priority areas 2 and 4, 'safety of ships and navigation' and the 'telematics of shipping' are referred to as strategic themes.

Programme organisation

The starting point for the R&D strategy in the Finnish Maritime Administration is the implementation of the administration's vision and strategy. The yearly R&D programme prioritises the focal areas and strategic projects based on the vision and strategy. The board of the administration decides upon the financing frame, emphasis of the R&D activities and strategic projects and themes.

The R&D Programme is co-ordinated by a selected programme co-ordinator. Strategic projects have managers and strategic themes 'team responsibles' who make the project plans and sketch the theme programmes.


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Finnish Maritime Administration
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The annual level for the financing of the Administration's R&D activities is EUR 2 million. The strategic projects chosen by the management are given priority. For other research and development projects, funds are allocated out of a joint financial frame on the basis of project proposals.

Participating countries

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Mr Jouko Vuoristo
Finnish Maritime Administration

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