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Italian Telematics Architecture for the Transport System

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National (Italy)
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STRIA Roadmaps
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)


Background & Policy context

Following the guidelines indicated in the National General Plan on Transportation and in particular according to the technical document about telematics in transportation systems, and the Second National Plan on Road Transport Telematics, the ARTIST project represents the Italian Architecture designed on the basis of the KAREN and FRAME European projects results.
All the activities are managed and coordinated by TTS Italia, the Italian Association playing the role of ITS reference point in Italy.

Strategic Objectives

Main objectives are the same as in the other architectures developed worldwide such as those currently in study in Europe (FRAME) and in France (ACTIF).
In particular, a reference framework has been defined for the transport telematic systems to be designed, realised and implemented in the different applications.
The aim is to identify the need of targeted actions to realise standards, to promote researches on specific ITS fields, to consolidate best practice experiences, to define legal rules, to set priorities.
Moreover, guidelines for stakeholders have been produced in order to improve the market development and a dynamic framework is arranged to be adapted to the evolution process of needs and technologies.
In particular, a web site has been designed for an interactive navigation within the Architecture by the most wide set of users.

Programme organisation

Industrial companies were responsible of the ARTIST development under the supervision of the Transportation Ministry and a Technical Committee. Moreover, a wide Consultation Committee was organised in order to support the validation of the Architecture and to specify the users requirements.
The following specific topics are covered in the work carried out:
- the state of the art on ITS at international and national level
- the logical architecture
- the physical architecture
- the organisational architecture
- users requirements
- the web navigation tool
- the training programme.

The first version of the Artist in eight volumes was published in January 2003.
Moreover, several pilot projects and working groups have been launched in order to better specify the technical requirements and to deploy the application achievements.


Institution Type
Institution Name
Ministero Infrastrutture e Trasporti (Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport) and TTS ITALIA Association CSST, ACCENTURE, MIZAR industrial companies
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation funded the project with an amount of about EUR 1 million.

Participating countries

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Dr Eugenio Morello

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