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Long-term road maintenance programme for 2002 - 2010



Long-term road maintenance programme for 2002 - 2010
Pikaajaline teehoiu kava aastateks 2002 - 2010

Background & policy context: 

The programme is based on results of monitoring road conditions. The following parameters are included: international roughness index, depth of ruts, calculated damage value, and bearing capacity. The actual condition of each road section is determined using limit values of the above-mentioned parameters which have been approved for every type of road and pavement. This forms the technical background of the programme.

From the other side, the Long Term Road Maintenance Programme is based on a prognosis of the available road maintenance resources in Estonia. This forms the yearly programme constraints and is related to road maintenance activities e.g. for R&D.

Strategic Objectives: 

The programme objective is to keep public roads in a condition which enables safe and convenient traffic conditions around the year. To achieve this the following means are used:
maintenance of public roads, reconditioning of public roads, rehabilitation of public roads, rehabilitation of bridges, implementation of means for higher traffic safety, R&D activities, and the budget for road administration including regional districts and their branches.

R&D activities have been supporting and will support the implementation of other priority activities mentioned above.

Programme organisation: 

Estonian National Road Administration with regional districts and units are responsible for the implementation of road maintenance programme.

The programme is approved by the Government of Estonia (Decision 550-k on 27.08.2002)

Leading Institutions:

Estonian National Road Administration

Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Fuel tax
Tax on new cars (for years 2000 - 2002)
National budget for road keeping
Loans from international financial institutions (WB, EIB, NIB)
International aid: ISPA, EU funds

Participating countries: 
Projects covered: 

Development of PMS system for needs of Estonia
Adapting HDM-4 (Highway Development Management Programme) for Estonia (ongoing)
Study portions of road rehabilitation projects in Estonia (Narva - Tallinn - Ikla corridor / Via Baltica, Tallinn - Tartu road, pre-studies of fixed link to Saaremaa)
Development of national or adoption of international norms for Estonian conditions

Contact Name: 
Mrs Ulle Karjane, Head of Program Department
Contact Email: 
Estonian Road Administration
Pärnu road 463a,
Contact country:
+372 611 9351
Fax Number: 
+372 611 9360