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Maritime Technologies II



Maritime Technologies II

Background & policy context: 

MARTEC II helps to strengthen the European Research Area in waterborne research by coordinating and developing synergies between national and regional maritime research programmes and policies. The activities include the exchange of information and knowledge among national programme owners and programme managers as well as the implementation of distinct joint activities.

Strategic Objectives: 

The objectives of MARTEC II are:

  • To broaden the geographical scope through the inclusion of new countries;
  • To intensify cooperation by launching calls and joint programmes;
  • To strengthen the dissemination of waterborne research results throughout Europe;
  • To structure public support activities for maritime research in Europe to increase complementarities; there will be a focus on joint priority setting and a better coordinated research support portfolio;
  • To implement joint actions in particular in the field of waterborne network operation research in attendance of the research themes and management procedures defined in ERA-NET MARTEC;
  • To cooperate with the relevant European Technology Platform (WATERBORNE) to increase coordination with respect to the implementation of the SRA in this area;
  • To collaborate with the ongoing ERA-NET Transport II to come to an integrated policy approach and a common platform to coordinate research programmes and funding activities.
Programme organisation: 

MARTEC II has been initiated by funding organisations from fourteen different European partner countries of the ERA-NET MARTEC consortium. After submission of the proposals via the MARTEC web page, the proposals will be assessed by an international expert group. Each country has its own national maritime programmes and the financial support for the projects will be awarded by the national funding organisations. Priority for funding will be given to projects which include at least one independent industrial participant from each involved country. Entities like universities or research centres are very welcome as project partners.

Contact Name: 
Aslan Filiz
Contact Email: 
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Contact country:
+49 30 20199 554