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National Programme on Information

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National (Latvia)
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STRIA Roadmaps
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)


Background & Policy context

The pace of Information Society developments is starting to re-shape society in fundamentally new ways.

Intelligent Transportation Systems do not form one single system in Latvia, but a process of implementing new logistics and telematics applications in a phased and managed way.

Strategic Objectives

The basic principles of the programme and its objectives are targeted at implementing a universal concept of information services in the state that ensures that every member of the society has qualitative access to all types of information pursuant to procedures stipulated in legislation.

In the transport context, the overall goals of research into IT applications are to improve the efficiency and quality of transport services including greater safety and reduced environmental impact.

Specifically, the purpose of the 'Transport Intelligent System Development in Latvia' research is to:

  • identify Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) user services appropriate for Latvia and the Riga metropolitan area;
  • develop a Strategic Deployment Plan and National ITS Architecture based on user services.

Key research priorities in each area of ITS are defined.

Programme organisation

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are analysed in a theoretical framework to determine:

  • their deployment application potential
  • what standards must be maintained in order to maximise the efficiency of the various deployments.

The programme will present the key challenges for research on Information Society Systems and applications for transport and related services in order to:

  • set out the political, economic, social and technical context for future research
  • describe current developments in telematics systems for transport
  • determine the objectives towards which the research is directed
  • design the overall approach to the management of information society applications for intelligent transport management and related services research activities within the European Framework programme and the factors critical to the successful development and implementation of the results at the national level.


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Latvian Ministry of Transport and Communications Latvian Transport Development and Education Association (Lat DEA)
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Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Dr Andris Gutmanis President
Latvian Transport and Development Association
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