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National Programme on Road Traffic Safety 2013-2022

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National (Slovenia)
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Background & Policy context

The National Programme on Road Traffic Safety is a strategic document, which deals with national security policy and professional demanding and most transparent security problems in the field of road traffic safety in the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2013-2022.

Strategic Objectives

The national programme gives vision and target for priority areas enabling measures to be taken to effectively ensure the safety of road traffic. The primary objective of the programme is to reduce the worst consequences of traffic accidents in road transport (killed and seriously injured), which will be achieved through the effective implementation of measures under the programme and providing the political will and public support. In the preparation of the national program involving a number of experts from competent governmental and civil society. They are depending on the situation in the European Union and Slovenia to weigh the options and choose the most appropriate measures that could usefully be undertaken in the field of human behavior, the traffic environment, vehicles and institutions.

Vision Zero is a positive and responsible attitude for creators and participants of the road transport system, which with its overall operation and management required to prevent the worst consequences of road accidents and ensure safe long-term goal: zero deaths and zero serious injuries caused by road accidents. From a moral point of view this is the only possible long-term aim of all human societies, and as such a clear and understandable goal of all the participating artists and participants of the road transport system. Vision Zero therefore requires a change in thinking and behavior of the system designers, operators and traffic participants.

Programme organisation

Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency


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Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency
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Public (national/regional/local)

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


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Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency
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