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Norwegian Public Roads Administration (various projects)

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National (Norway)
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Network and traffic management systems (NTM)


Background & Policy context

The research and development work is rooted in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's vision, objective and values. Research and development are part of the "development" focus area associated with result-oriented management processes. The basis for the development of project areas and individual projects can also be found in the National Transport Plan and other governing documents adopted by the authorities in Norway.

Strategic Objectives

Research and development activities aim to contribute to the development and maintenance of a safe, eco-friendly and efficient transport system. This means that R&D activities must be focused both on doing the right things and on doing these things right. Research and development activities are to develop and secure the agency's specialist knowledge and skills and ensure that decisions are taken on the basis of professionalism, skill and knowledge.

The results of research and development activities provide the basis for revision of standards and guidelines and will, as such, benefit the entire transport sector. Research and development at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration makes a major contribution to the development and administration of its sector responsibility.

Programme organisation

Programmes and projects are established within the strategic research and development areas as set out in the NPRA's Research and Development Strategic Plan 2006-2015 (Statens Vegvesen, 2005), which are:

1. Mobility of People and Transport of Goods

  • trade and industry transport
  • intelligent transport systems and services – ITS
  • eco-friendly urban transport

2. Safety and Security

  • traffic safety
  • risk and vulnerability

3. Environment, Energy and Resources

  • impact calculations

4. Competitive Design and Production Systemsroad tunnels

  • road technology
  • social effects of operation and maintenance.


Institution Type
Institution Name
Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration - NPRA)
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The Director of Public Roads of the NPRA (Statens Vegvesen) decides which major Research and Development projects are to be implemented, following a proposal from the Director of Technology and a recommendation from the Authority Managers' Meeting. These projects are clearly designed to achive the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's strategic and more long-term objectives.

Budget is approximately 20 million NOK per major project.

In 2007, the 10 major projects/sub-programmes above had a combined budget of 30 million NOK.

Participating countries


Mr Jon Krokeborg
Head of Research and Development Staff
Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

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