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Programme of Management of Road Surface and Structures

Programme Type
Funding programme
National (Bulgaria)
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Infrastructure (INF)


Background & Policy context

The development and improvement of the Bulgarian national road infrastructure as an integral part of the Pan-European infrastructure has been identified as a priority in the policy of the Bulgarian Government.
On the base of scientific and technological research the PMSS target is to ensure that the Bulgarian Road Administration has instruments for the co-ordination of potential investments, management schemes, and financial resources (including foreign resources). It also meets Government policy at national, regional and municipal level towards the development of the national road infrastructure with the aim of achieving the optimum economic and social effect.

Strategic Objectives

The main targets of the Programme of Management of Road Surface and Structures are to collect data, to analyse the information and to propose rational methods for assessing the condition of the road, planning and design of new road construction and repair works.

The Road Database has the purpose of helping the collection, structuring, processing extraction and archiving of all data, obtained from the road inspection practice. Its aim is to provide the individual specialists with the information needed to take the most appropriate decisions related to the management and development of the road network.
The Pavement Management Road Surface and Structures System) belongs to the Dynatest Company. PMRSS is a flexible instrument for the management of road networks of various lengths and types. Utilizing the information from the Road Database for the in service characteristics of the road, it helps planning by developing strategies for maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network and by optimising the budget for a period of 5-10 years.
The mathematical models applied in PMS for forecasting the performance of road pavements within a range of time and the selection of technologies for repair works give the possibility of finding optimum solutions, balancing road repair works and available funds. PMRSS-based information of RDB can be utilised for seeking the proper managerial decisions at different management levels.

Programme organisation

The Programme is structured in the following main interconnected elements:

  • Information system, called Road Database (RDB); and
  • Information and Management Systems.

RDB collected and analysed for national road network:

  • The traffic loading;
  • Historical data for the road and all past repairs;
  • Existing pavement structure and materials used;
  • Condition of the road surface and the drainage;
  • Longitudinal and transverse roughness;
  • Skid resistance or micro- or macro-texture;
  • Data on traffic accidents in the sections

RDB applications in the Programme:

  • General retrievals (GR);
  • Geographic Information System (GIS);
  • Safety Management System (SMS);
  • Pavement Management System (PMS);
  • Bridge Management System (BMS).

As a base instrument for assessment the condition of the road the programme transport policy context can be summarised as follows:

  • To support the development and expanding the road network and the associated infrastructure to a level which is compatible with the needs of the national economy and the international community;
  • To help the manage and maintain the existing road network -construction, rehabilitation and maintenance;
  • To ensure the information for studies, analysis and prognoses for the further development and upgrading of the national road network.


Institution Type
Institution Name
REA - Road executive agency of Bulgaria
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The distribution of funds are under the control of the REA:
Fund of US TDA for Bulgaria is EUR 1.5m (for laboratory equipment)
Annual national fund for road networks from REA is EUR 500 000.

Participating countries

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Dr Eng. Valentino ManchevDirector of CRBL
Central Roads and Bridges Laboratory
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