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Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE)



Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE)

Background & policy context: 

The EPA has a statutory role to co-ordinate environmental research in Ireland. Since 1994, the EPA research programme has supported R&D activities in a range of environmental areas. This work was carried out by researchers in third level institutions, state agencies, government departments, local and regional authorities, the private sector and individuals.

The EPA research programme for the period 2007-2013 is entitled Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE).

Strategic Objectives: 

The aims of the programme are to:

  1. Contribute to a better environment by delivering applicable and relevant Science, Technology, Research and Innovation data, information and knowledge, based on high quality science and technology,
  2. Develop new techniques, methods and systems for measuring, recording and predicting the quality of the environment,
  3. Identify practical methods for the integration of environmental considerations into policies and programmes of the main economic sectors,
  4. Provide knowledge to support the mainstreaming of environment in the NDP,
  5. Collaborate with and assist other Agencies in their environmental decision making by providing high-quality, relevant, responsive and timely scientific information and research results,
  6. Develop and integrate the environmental component of the knowledge economy, and ensure that environment is a key issue for research priorities at National Level,
  7. Ensure that emerging EU and National Environmental and Research plans, policies and legislation are supported and implemented within the research programme,
  8. Disseminate the findings of the individual research projects and the overall programme to the widest possible audience in a coherent and timely manner.
Programme organisation: 

The STRIVE Programme consists of three key pillars:

  • Climate Change & Air Quality,
  • Water Quality & Aquatic Environment and
  • Sustainable Environment.

The EPA provides funding to support science, technology, research and innovation projects through grant-aid. Proposals are invited periodically through calls advertised in the national press and their website.

Leading Institutions:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Eight million Euro only provided for research in aspects of climate change, transboundary pollution and earth observation.

Co-funding with other state agencies and funding groups in case of synergies and increase the utilisation of results.

EPA core funding for staffing the management of the programme.

Total Budget: 
EUR 101 million
Participating countries: 
Contact Name: 
Headquarters EPA
Contact Email: 
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Johnstown Castle Estate
PO Box 300
Co. Wexford
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