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Transport environment research, development and related in-depth studies, surveys



Transport environment research, development and related in-depth studies, surveys
Közlekedési környezetvédelmi kutatás, fejlesztés és a kapcsolódó vizsgálatok, felmérések

Background & policy context: 

The following fields connect to the transport environmental research and development:
Air protection, noise reduction, regular control of the environmental inspection of vehicles, measuring emissions of motorcycles, enforcement of the EGB regulations, supervision of noise problems on transport infrastructure, assembling of the survey of the transport related hazardous wastes, moderation of air traffic noise.

Strategic Objectives: 

The main objectives of the programme are the following:

  1. The directional-, regulating- and developing both supervising and controlling tasks connecting to the environmental inspection of vehicles;
  2. Elaboration of environment-related conceptions of the transport sector (connecting to the transport policy and to the National Environmental Programme);
  3. Development of the environmental specifications for vehicles and the adoption of EU regulations at national level.
Programme organisation: 

The defined priorities are harmonious with the national transport policy:

  • European compatibility;
  • economic efficiency;
  • environmental savings;
  • safety;
  • quality.
Leading Institutions:

Ministry of Transport and Water Management: Environment major department (2000-2002), Ministry of Economy and Transport: Innovation and environment major department (from 2002)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Funding arrangement: yearly. Any company, association or society which is a Hungarian legal entity, and has the required references, is able to participate.

Number of projects:
Projects covered: 


  • Developing methods for decreasing the air pollution of vehicles.
  • Developing tasks connected to the general environmental inspections of motor vehicles.
  • Recycling possibilities of transport and industrial waste in road maintenance and operation.
  • Assembling of the fuel consumption- and environmental pollution data of new vehicle types for the 2000 model year.
  • Enforcement of EU directives in noise protection.
  • Strategic environmental impact assessment of the Hungarian section of the trans-European transport network connecting the Danube-corridor.


  • Operation of the 'Green service', which was opened in the KTI Ltd. with PHARE subsidy.
  • Improving the efficiency of the investigation of noise emissions and of vehicles lighter than 9000 kg.
  • Investigation of the small particles emission of diesel engines.
  • Analysis of the energy- consumption and efficiency of transport, assistance of the realisation of energy-saving solutions.
  • Participation in the 'Assessment of Road Transport Emission Models and Inventory System - ARTEMIS' EU-project.
  • Completion of the information materials regarding European Car-free Day.
  • Laying the foundation of the realisation of the tasks connecting to the EU road transport noise policy.


  • Establishment of the informatics system (database) for the control of the regular environmental inspections of vehicles.
  • Elaboration of the technical directives for the estimation of the expected noise emission of transport infrastructure.
  • Possibilities and conditions of the utilisation of environmental friendly electronic vehicles in special environments.
  • Investigation of the small- and ultra-small particle emission of diesel vehicles (forming the EU-conform background for measuring)
  • Investigation of the necessity of environment- and nature conservation measures along the main road network.
  • Intelligent transport systems, efficient utilisation of the transport infrastructure and enforcement of environmental aspects.
Project Profiles:
  1. Efficient use of transport infrastructure and enforcement of environmental respects by using ITS solutions
Contact Name: 
Dr Miklós SZOBOSZLAY Head of Department
Contact Email: 
Ministry of Economy and Transport (GKM) Innovation and environment major department
Honvéd u. 13-15.
Contact country:
(+361) 374-2864
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(+361) 312-4664