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Transport Malta (various projects)



Transport Malta (various projects)
Awtorita' dwar it-Trasport ta' Malta

Background & policy context: 

The Ministry for Urban Development and Roads is responsible for the following transport related authorities in Malta:
-  Coordination of Urban Development Projects
-  Malta Transport Authority (MTA).

The MTA was set up in 2001 in order to improve co-ordination between the transport sectors.



Strategic Objectives: 

Within MTA, the Transport Strategy Directorate has the mission to develop, co-ordinate and implement road transport policy in Malta. This includes responsibility for transport research requirements.

Programme organisation: 

Bearing in mind the size of the country, there are limited research activities in transport, besides the participation in the 6th Framework Programme and other EU funded programmes such as COST and CORDIS. Therefore, research in transport is mostly integrated in planning studies and surveys rather than under a formal research programme. Related work is much focused on the contribution of the MTA for the Structure Plan Review which is currently being worked out. The Malta Transport Authority is specifically involved, together with others, in elaborating the Plan Review due to its co-ordinating duties for the Maltese transport sectors.

The MTA can be involved in the new RTDI programme of the MCST (see separate programme profile) if any project applications fall under its competence.

Leading Institutions:

Various activitities supported by the MTA, which is part of the Ministry for Urban Development and Roads (not within a formal programme)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 


Participating countries: 
Projects covered: 


Contact Name: 
Mr P Incorvaja, Deputy ChairmanMr D B Myatt, Secretary
Contact Email: 
Malta Transport Authority
Sa Maison Road
CMR 02
Contact country:
+356 21 248191/2, +356 2560 8110/193
Fax Number: 
+356 21 255740