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Transport safety action programme



Transport safety action programme
Közlekedésbiztonsági akcióprogram

Background & policy context: 

In 1992 the government - with regard to the high number of road accidents and the scale of the loss to the national economy resulting from these - with the 2002/1992 (HT.2.) government regulation directed the working out of the National Transport Safety Programme (NKP).
The finished NKP was accepted by the 2036/1993. (IX.9.) government regulation and simultaneously envisaged more measures - e.g. working out yearly action programmes based on the NKP.

Strategic Objectives: 

Analysis of road accidents and identification of the most important interventions in all fields of traffic safety, based on the basic principles of the NKP.

Programme organisation: 

To define the most important principals in the field of transport safety.
Identify the responsible institutions for the carrying out of the yearly tasks.
To manage the available financial sources, which connect to the main task groups.

Leading Institutions:

KTI Rt. (Institution for Transport Sciences Ltd.)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Financing of yearly tasks. Award of the tasks by public procurement (in the field of the GKM) and designation (in the other fields).

Participating countries: 
Number of projects:
Project Profiles:
  1. The study of relations between telematics and road safety
Contact Name: 
Mr Tamás Berta
Contact Email: 
KTI Rt. (Institute for Transport Sciences Ltd.)
Thán Káoly u. 3-5.
Contact country:
+361 371 5963
Fax Number: 
+361 205 5951