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Transportation Association of Canada (network)

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National (Canada)
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Background & Policy context

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC/ATC) is a national association with a mission to promote the provision of safe, secure, efficient, effective and environmentally and financially sustainable transportation services in support of Canada's social and economic goals.

Strategic Objectives

It is a neutral forum for gathering or exchanging ideas, information and knowledge on technical guidelines and best practices.

In Canada as a whole, TAC has a primary focus on roads and their strategic linkages and inter-relationships with other components of the transportation system.

In urban areas, TAC's primary focus is on the movement of people, goods and services and its relationship with land use patterns.

Programme organisation

TAC has an online database of current practices and innovations. In addition, the main TAC website provides profiles of projects sponsored by the association, as well as reports, guides to best practice, briefings, etc.

Database search and access capabilities:

The Current Practices and Innovations Database allows searching by main category: Maintenance, Construction, Road safety and Climate change. A total of 27 sub-categories exist under these four main categories.

Searches may also be made using keywords (words in title or keywords anywhere in the report), author (person's name), corporate author (organisation's name) or publication date.

A total of 179 reports are available in this database (links to other websites where the report is available free in pdf to download). They are mostly Canadian projects (a few are international projects - mostly from the USA - with Canadian participation) and deal mostly with road infrastructure aspects. The reports are all in English and the Current Practices and Innovations Database is available in English only.

In addition, the main TAC website (which is available in English and French) includes 11 reports in English and 9 in French for free download, as well as 9 documents (in both languages) on best practice in winter maintenance and road salt spreading. There is also a series of TAC briefing notes for download (20 in English and 19 in French), between 2 and 20 pages long (mostly 4-10 pages).


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Transportation Association of Canada - Association des Transports du Canada
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Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Transportation Association of Canada - Association des Transports du Canada
K1G 4J8
Ottawa ON
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