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AALmobi _ cargo-the integrated crowdlogistics and Shareconomy service for AAL and communities

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Ambient assisted living (AAL) has been rapidly established within the last years and enables elderly people to cope with their everyday life. But AAL communities also form the ideal basis for crowd logistics and shareconomy because crowds or communities with efficient communication and the willingness for sharing and cooperative use of services are crucial for these concepts to work properly. Additionally, within AAL communities it is easy to reduce the volume of traffic caused by inefficient delivery and uncoordinated mobility by supporting social cooperation and active mobility.

The successfully realized research project AALmobi which is a basis for AALmobi_cargo has demonstrated the high efficiency of participatory development in cooperation with AAL communities. More advantages of the AALmobi_cargo prototype are its scalability and adaptability and its ability to be deployed within different frameworks and communities. To ensure optimal integration and functionality the AAL operator Caritas, the delivery service start-up Zuper (crowd logistics, shareconomy) and the sharing company Fragnebenan has been acquired as partners for AALmobi_cargo.

The target of the project AALmobi_cargo is the successful implementation of a functional crowd logistics tablet app prototype based on the research project AALmobi (MdZ, 4. AS). AALmobi_cargo supports users in accordance with shareconomy to use their capacities for delivery, shopping and handover in a cooperative way. The participatory development takes place in close cooperation with inhabitants of the Caritas operated AAL project OASE22 and together with additional test fields (fragnebenan, Sargfabrik).

AALmobi_cargo integrates a binary innovation concept:

  1. Technical innovation: special tablet app interface design, modular platform for functionalities (using the technical basis of AALmobi) and crowd logistics functionalities to support active and cooperative mobility for goods.
  2. Social and operational innovation: detailed analysis and participative development within a test field framework, AALmobi_cargo focuses on the motivation for active and cooperative mobility. Special attention is devoted to user's ability for networking and social inclusion by mutual support in their daily mobility needs.


Parent Programmes
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Public institution
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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Other Programme
Gütermobilität 2016


Lead Organisation
Heimbuchner Consulting Gmbh
Siebensterngasse 31/8, 1070 Wien, Austria
Partner Organisations
Cpb Software (Austria) Gmbh
Vorgartenstraße 206C, 1020 Wien, Austria
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Technology Theme
Freight transport technologies
Integrative logistics strategies
Development phase

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