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Actions for sustainable urban mobility.


LIFE94 ENV/IT/000205

Actions for sustainable urban mobility.


The project has been conducted in the town of Bergamo, where recent urban trends have produced a sharp spatial scattering of principal urban functions. The project methodology of action is based on consensus building around some general principles and practical proposals on which a socially and environmental acceptable mobility model, taken as an alternative to the car-based model, can be adopted. The project is a pilot experience that can be exported - making suitable adjustments - to other urban contexts for the following reasons: the project was conceived for medium-sized towns (the mainstay of urban Italy). It may lead to the commencement of experiments in a short space of time at much lower costs than those involved in infrastructural projects. The results of field studies were interpreted to create a system of general principles and practical proposals to promote public and intermodal transport and reduce traffic congestion at certain times of the day.


The project has been broken down into various phases. The four principal phases are, in chronological order:

  • desk and field studies on the existing mobility system and organisation of timetables;
  • drafting of an alternative mobility model based on the creation of a system of general principles and practical proposals for the improved organisation of urban time and space; 
  • creation of consensus for the proposals put forward through a continuing process of dialogue with local actors (concertation meetings); 
  • management of trial periods and dissemination of results.
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