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ACTIV8II - evidence-based planning support tools for active mobility


ACTIV8II - evidence-based planning support tools for active mobility
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ACTIV8II – evidenzbasierte Werkzeuge zur Planungsunterstützung im Bereich aktiver Mobilität

Background & policy context: 

Planning in the active mobility domain is currently only very rarely carried out using evidence-based methods, moreover the tools used in these cases (accessibility analyses, cost-benefit analyses) are not suitable for quantifying effects of measures on modal split shares (in pedestrian and cycling traffic) as the ultimately policy-relevant performance indicator in this context. Instead common planning practice is frequently based on experience, intuition or ideology. An integrated approach in which strategic objectives for active mobility can be linked with local measure implementation is currently lacking. This results in problems such as inefficient use of resources or a lack of target achievement. In light of the frequently difficult initial situation in terms of active mobility (declining or stagnating active modal split shares at low levels for Austria on the whole) this is the central motivation for this project application.


In ACTIV8II we aim at developing planning tools in order to integrate the impact models developed in the previous project ACTIV8! into planning and decision-making processes. These models quantitatively depict the relationship between modal split shares in pedestrian and cycling traffic and their respective local factors of influence (infrastructure, space and climate, population and political commitment). For the first time, with their integration into the planning practice, (Austrian) planning stakeholders can be consulted with regard to potentials and promising measures tailored to the respective local context (complimentary to existing planning methods). Similarly, a simulation (expressed in modal split changes) of the impact of planned measures in the relevant fields of action (infrastructure, awareness formation, settlement policy, etc.) prior to their implementation is possible.

Our planning approach encompasses both the strategic level (federal states) by identifying promising target areas and fields of action, as well as the municipal or regional level by the selection or prioritization of the individual projects best suited to the goals. To date, a first step towards the utilization of the results has already been achieved (testing strategic planning support for Upper Austrian federal government during the rollout of the FahrRad-Beratung OÖ). After demonstrating the fundamental feasibility of the ACTIV8 approach in the previous project, the objective of this project is to extend the connection to the planning practice (strategic level) or to build it up (municipal level).

In addition to the necessary expansion, optimization and validation of the existing models, the project results comprise the development and testing of a tool set (expert system, accompanying tools and processes) with all the necessary interfaces to the planning practice while consistently integrating potential users. The development is supported by the implementation of two demonstrator projects in Upper Austria (embedment into UML OÖ) and Styria pertaining to the practical relevance, acceptance, applicability and validity of the results. The project will be completed by evaluating active mobility measures implemented in the demonstrator regions during the project period and a comparison of the results with simulated effects calculated using the ACTIV8II impact models.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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9. Ausschreibung Fahrzeugtechnologie & Personenmobilität
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