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Active and sustainable management of mobility behaviour with the help of ride-sharing as approach for the organised transport of persons

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Background & Policy context

The main focus of this project deals with the topic of ride-sharing, i.e. the organised transport of people and goods by others without a formal contract or business relation. Although there are already existing different internet-based platforms like blablacar, uber etc., there impact on traffic demand and flows remains unclear. Therefore, the change in user behaviour due to these new forms of mobility needs to be looked at in more detail.

Due to a lack of sufficient data, advantages and disadvantages of already existing mobility services shall be analysed. These assessments then include stakeholders from mobility and logistic suppliers (federations and associations).  Especially members of automobile clubs as holders of a car may constitute a valuable and accessible demand segment to retrieve behavioural data.


The project will provide new evidence for the effects of ride-sharing for political and strategic decisions. The analysis is supposed to increase the web-based supply of stakeholders from mobility and logistics with the aim of optimising the capacity of transport vehicles for ensuring a sustainable mobility concept.

Especially issues of demographic change make the concept of ride-sharing in rural areas as an alternative to schedule-based public transport systems particularly interesting. This pressure can pave the way to new business models and web-based service implementations in rural as well as in other areas.


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