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Agent-based simulation and exploitation of an emergency concept for the protection of sensitive logistics hubs

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Background & Policy context

In the logistics infrastructure of Germany freight transport centers as logistics nodes play an important role in the supply of goods. In a freight transport centre, different modes of transport, such as road or rail, are brought together with other parties involved. In case of a disturbance of a freight transport centre, for example by terrorist acts, this can lead to national and international product supply bottlenecks.


The PREPAREDNET security scenario is based on the assumption of the disruption of a freight transport centrr through terrorist acts or other unpredictable events. The goal of the project is the design of an emergency concept, which ensures the flow of goods even in case of a significant disturbance. In this new concept an emergency operation mode should be activated immediately after the occurrence of a damage.


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The goal of the project PreparedNET was the development of an emergency concept, which enables an emergency operation immediately after damage has occurred. A simulation model based on a so-called "multi-agent system" was developed for this purpose. This system not only displays the situation, but also provides fast, automated decision support for the decision-makers in the freight transport centre. This enables the system to make process adaptations in an emergency and provides measures to compensate the consequences of a damage. In addition, a training concept for all stakeholders was developed and a DIN specification was formulated.

In sum, PreparedNET enables companies within a logistic-agglomeration to dynamically plan and control the remaining transport- transhipment- and handling-capacities in case of an unforeseen incident. Despite of an incident the supply of the customers is ensured. PreparedNET can be easily expanded and transferred to other logistic agglomerations. By increasing the robustness within logistic chains through PreparedNET this will lead to a key advantage of location.

Findings of the study are published in detail by several final reports of the project partners (German only) which are available online via the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB):

Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics ISL, Bremen

LUB Consulting GmbH, Dresden

the German Institute for Standardization DIN, Berlin

Emons Spedition GmbH, Dresden

Furtwangen University, faculty of business information systems:


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