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Alter Sicania - Alternative Management of tourist mobility

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LIFE99 ENV/IT/000115
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Transport electrification (ELT)
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Alter Sicania proposes an innovative approach to the management of tourist mobility, new forms of sustainable tourism and a new managerial capacity adapted to such a management type. The promoter, in order to resolve the problems of congestion due to the flux of tourists who arrive in a chaotic way in well known areas omitting zones of particular historic, environmental and cultural interest (as a result of lack of information, access difficulty or degradation of the sites) intends to offer to tourists the opportunity to move around in alternative way. New forms of tourism may be introduced related to the use of electric vehicles (eco-electric tourism) managed by unemployed youths, adequately trained and working in associations. The benefits of the project may be seen in the contribution of eco-electric tourism to the conservation of natural and architectural heritage as well as in establishing a 'virtual circuit' which orients the relation economy-environment in the tourism sector to sustainability in the long run.

The expected results are:

  • reduction of the traffic congestion
  • increased residence time for tourists
  • development of a tourism respecting the environment
  • mobilisation of human resources and creation of managerial qualifications in the tourist mobility sector
  • indigenous socio-economic development



For the diffusion of the results a methodological manual will be published for use mainly by local authorities with problems in the management of tourist mobility, so that they can develop similar methodologies. The network 'Car free city' will monitor the project from the very beginning with a group of observers made up of local authorities willing to reproduce the experience. Also a brochure will be produced, according to a model by DGXI, and will be distributed in many events and occasions. Those responsible for the project will also publicise it during the different phases, while its press services will present the project to the media.


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European Union
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Public (EU)


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