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Hochzuverlässige und echtzeitfähige Vernetzung für hochautomatisierte Land- und Baumaschinen


In order to meet the growing demands on efficiency, precision and safety in the operation of agricultural and construction machinery in the future, automated - and in future autonomous working - plays an important role. However, in contrast to road traffic, there is usually no digitized map material in the off-road area and the heavy machinery has to work on unpaved and rough terrain. In order to prevent a collision of the machines as well as the violation of the planned areas on the neighbouring property, a very accurate relative and absolute localization is necessary, which must exist even in case of failure of the mobile network. Therefore, the technology to be developed should be able to provide a local and self-sufficient 5G communication infrastructure, which can also be integrated into mobile networks and thus operate in a co-ordinated manner if required.

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Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung
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John Deere GmbH & Co

John-Deere-Strasse 70
68183 Mannheim