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Analyses of activity-based travel chains and sustainable mobility


Analyses of activity-based travel chains and sustainable mobility


The objective is to provide an activity-based transport demand framework that is able to capture and describe individual and household activity patterns within a multi-modal transport environment characterized by a diversity of travel mode combinations.

The methodology is based on a novel disaggregate person- and household-based activity-based framework which includes:

  1. building activity chains for home and out-of-home activities,
  2. estimating how transport demand is derived from the activity chains,
  3. modelling the activity interaction between household members,
  4. capturing the timing of activities and their duration,
  5. linking route choice with the choice of activities at the disaggregate level,
  6. modelling long-term decisions with respect to, for example, car ownership as condition for forecasting daily activity patterns and travel decisions.

Moreover, the project explores new techniques for the efficient collection of data about activity (and hence travel) patterns with the use of “carry-on individual GPS data loggers” and in-depth interviews.

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Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education
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Technical University Of Denmark

Anker Engelundsvej 1
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