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Analysis of the functions of public transport in sustainable urban mobility

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Background & Policy context

The project is a continuation of research  project of  the University of Zagreb "Development plans for sustainable urban mobility" financed by  Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.


The purpose and objective of the project is to collect relevant data on the static and dynamic indicators of public transport, in order to detect weaknesses and deficiencies in the operation of public urban transport, especially bus subsystem.

By observing and analyzing the public transport indicators there will be  created prerequisites for implementation of  measures improving and increasing the attractiveness of the transportation. 


The study is composed of four stages:

  • first stage is preparation of geospatial work on  the bus lines,
  • second stage of the research was data collection,
  • third stage was the asssessment and implementation of changes in  bus routes,
  • fourth stage is the interpretation of research results.


Pilot study of bus subsystem has been conducted in the City of Zagreb. In order to increase the attractiveness of the bus subsystem, the aim of the research project was to review the irregularities in travel time on characteristic bus lines, and to enhance the operating speed to be comparable with other modes of passenger transport in the City of Zagreb.

The study was conducted on seven bus lines in Zagreb differently placed in urban parts - the line moving across the city center to suburban lines. For all lines is characteric very poor isolation from other traffic and the lack of preference at traffic lights.


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