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Analysis of the impacts of the application of the Directive 2008/96/EC about road infrastructure safety management on the roads in the Czech republic outside the TEN-T network

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The project was focused on the road safety improvement on the high risk roads outside the European road network. Costs and effects of implementation of the directive 2008/96/EC on the lower class road network (nearly 50 000 km long) had to be carefully evaluated. These roads are riskier due to lower safety standards and not separated traffic.

The main identified targets were:

  • - decrease of road accident number and killed and seriously injured on the road network as a whole;
  • - general increase of the road safety level;
  • - detail analysis of the cost for road owner by adoption of traffic management tools in practise;
  • - identification of important road safety deficits and their elimination related to class of road, priorization related to B/C ratio and safety potential of roads
  • - presentation of safety level/deficits on road network including activities prepared and effects reached.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology agency of the Czech Republic


The tools of the European Directive for road safety management are very effective, inspections, black spot treatments and application of countermeasures have to be applied with the sense of traffic volumes, permitted speed and road importance, including the focus on the vulnerable road users. A simple comparison of the length of road classes and the number of killed in the road accidents gives the priority to improve the safety of first class roads others then TEN-T. The effectivity is roughly 2,8 time higher, than on separated motorways, 4.8 time higher than on secondary roads and 12,5 time higher than on tertiary roads.



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