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Analysis of innovative solutions for the reduction of particulates and gas emissions produced by fast engines fuelled with diesel, bio-diesel and mix

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Background & Policy context

Despite several efforts in developing diesel engines, research is far from having completed all research activities on this type of engine.  That is because legislative restrictions on pollutant emission are constantly put into force, but also because of the non-stop escalation towards increasing performance. Against this backdrop, the method of analysis has to be built on experimental and numerical analysis tools to study thermos-fluid dynamics processes and on the definition of analysis procedures of particulate emissions and their variability in relation to operational conditions and fuel type. 


The objective of this study is twofold: in addition to the analysis of the different thermo-fluid dynamic processes of fast Diesel engines with direct injection, the scope of the study is the definition of engine operation protocols in relation to the composition of the fuel mix as well as the definition of methodologies for the characterization of emissions in terms of chemical, physical, morphological, genotoxic and eco-toxicological aspects.


The research is conducted following a synergetic approach thanks to the close cooperation between the different research units in different Universities. This information exchange on research outputs gave the chance to better understand physical phenomena and their interactions in diesel engines thus allowing to better target and design experimental campaigns reducing both time and costs.  


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Project results are listed here in the following:

  • experimental characterization of the spray in terms of penetration, shape, drops diameter, impact with walls, break-up to the varying fuel composition;
  • development of atomization, ignition and combustion models;
  • definition of methodologies for the optimization of strategies for multiple injections to the varying of fuel mixture in order to minimize pollutant emissions and combustion noise;
  • development of optimized techniques for testing fast diesel engines;
  • development of a fully integrated 3D-1D calculation code;
  • definition of methodologies for characterization of particulate in terms of dimensional, chemical-physical, morphological, genotoxic and eco-toxicological aspects. 


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