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Asphalt mixtures with lower energy demand and environmental burdens

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The use of warm mix asphalt has an economic and also an environmental dimension. Reduction of energy consumption is a benefit both for the manufacturers by increasing their competitiveness as well as for the investors because it allows them to implement larger volumes of work for the same amount of money. On the other hand, lower temperature in the production of asphalt mixtures significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. The project will focus on verifying the additives and technological processes to adjust the viscosity of asphalt mixtures so that they can be produced and processed at lower temperatures. The possibilities of asphalt manufacturers who have shown their interest in the future implementation of the project results will be taken into account. An important part of the solution is the use of domestic raw materials – natural zeolite. The basic requirement for a successful application of warm mix asphalt is that its resulting parameters meet all the requirements set out in the technical specifications. Within the project, extensive laboratory studies will be carried out and the examination will be extended to functional tests (modulus of rigidity, fatigue resistance). After performing a technical and economic evaluation of the laboratory tests, the lessons learned will be verified directly on an asphalt production facility and on construction sites. Simultaneously, the effects of temperature on the emission of greenhouse gases will be tracked.


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