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Background & policy context: 

Urban mobility is about to fundamentally change. The autonomous car, the icon of this change, however far in the future it still might be, will move the center of our self-centered worlds, thereby changing society and our built environment. AVENUE21 is a two-year research project at the future.lab, TU Wien. Funded by the Daimler and Benz foundation, an interdisciplinary team of researchers, including architectural theory, urban development and planning, mobility studies and sociology explores the effects autonomous cars could have in European cities.


Over the next two years, we will examine possible spatial, social and transport related effects of connected and automated mobility and develop scenarios to better understand how this technology can contribute to major urban development goals and where it might undermine them.

Funding Source(s): 
Daimler und Benz Stiftung
Lead Organisation: 

Tu Wien - Verkehrswissenschaften

Gußhausstraße 28
1040 Wien