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Back on Track: The institutional and financial underpinnings of rail travelling

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Background & Policy context

The climate challenges have put rail transportation back on the top of the political agenda all over Europe. This raises several questions in the Norwegian context: To what extent and under what circumstances are the international experiences transferable to the Norwegian context? What factors influence rail demand and social costs, and how can these be exploited? Do traditional models for financing rail transport enhance or hamper effective railway investments?


The overall objective is to produce knowledge that enhances the efficiency, flexibility and reliability of rail transportation in ways that promote it as an integrated part of a sustainable transport system in Norway.


Four empirical research areas are addressed:

  • Institutional reforms and separation processes;
  • market access and service procurement;
  • financing railways;
  • market analyses and transport forecasting.

Analytical approaches include institutional analyses of decision making processes and policies, combined with transport modelling and analysis of register data. Theoretically, the project combines theories of individual travel behaviour and motivation with institutional approaches towards decision making processes and policy making.

Policy objectives

The project results are a base for decision making on national, regional or local level


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