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Better airport regions: models and development pathways for sustainable urban transformation (438-11-015)

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Background & Policy context

Municipalities and other public and private actors increasingly invest in climate-neutrality of urban areas. However, it is far from clear which actions are most efficient. We lack applicable knowledge and adequate instruments to act in complex urban environments. As large-scale urban actors and strong drivers of urbanization, airports are key players in urban regions. How can they contribute to a more sustainable, resilient and adaptable urban system?


This research investigates airport regions of international hub airports. Focus is on the case of Amsterdam within an international comparative approach with Zurich as main reference case. The project starts from a joint perspective on essential streams (energy, water, materials, food and mobility), urban development on the metropolitan level, and governance.
The core hypothesis is that an enhanced reciprocity between the airport and its surrounding metropolitan region can facilitate a transformation path towards more sustainable, better airport regions. To assess the implied potential and risk of such a complex and manifold issue, the project combines empirical and design research to frame the investigation.
The aim of the project is to deliver guidelines for decision-makers in policy, industry, and academia; to provide a better conceptual model for the integration of airports and cities; and to produce transformation scenarios to enable a broad discussion on the future of airport regions.


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