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Forschungsprojekte - Automatisiertes Fahren


CERM is an interdisciplinary center for the development and assessment of connected mobility. CERM establishes a holistic tool chain to validate connected mobility systems focusing on controlled field tests. CERM aims to achieve the following aims:

- Provide globally relevant communication technologies (e.g. V2X, DSRC, LTE etc.) at the test track
- Define a systematic approach to validation and evaluation of innovative connected technologies
- Transfer measurement data from field tests to a suitable simulation environment
- Define a holistic tool chain for the accurate and reproducible assessment of errors in connected systems
and relevant communication technologies (e.g. availability, communication, functional safety etc.)
- Establish a server infrastructure connecting all sensor systems and communication devices at the test
track to record measurement data with an appropriate time synchronization

Funding Source(s): 
Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung
Lead Organisation: 

Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen

52062 Aachen