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Changing the world of urban mobility thanks to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

European Union
Geo-spatial type
Total project cost
€71 429
EU Contribution
€50 000
Project Acronym
STRIA Roadmaps
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
Transport mode
Multimodal icon
Transport policies
Other specified
Transport sectors
Passenger transport,
Freight transport,
Active mobility


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The booming urbanisation poses several challenges for cities such as growing traffic volumes, safety, and increasing environmental pressures. Enhancing the use of soft transportation modes (cycling and walking) will make cities more sustainable by reducing congestion and pollution. However, city authorities are currently struggling to guarantee the safety of those vulnerable road users: they account for almost 70% of the road victims in urban areas. The objective of increasing the use of soft transport modes can only be achieved with a re-design of current urban mobility models.

A holistic approach for managing urban traffic is one the most urgent needs of traffic authorities. Correspondingly, the associated traffic management market is projected to grow at a CAGR = 21% and reach the €19.4 billion by 2022. At ViNotion, a Dutch leading expert in intelligent image interpretation since 2007, we have developed UrbanDynamics, a real-time traffic monitoring and managing system that uses raw traffic data from cameras to recognise, track, and analyse the behaviour of all urban traffic participants, including bicycles and pedestrians.

Our solution collects data from pre-existing cameras and by means of machine- and deep learning, analyses the behaviour of all traffic participants providing an in-depth insight into complex urban traffic scenarios. Our competitive advantages rely on the high accuracy, even in broad areas with only one system (false detections < 1% in 18m width lane), and versatility of the traffic information obtained (counting, speed, direction, queue length, waiting time, etc.). At ViNotion we aim at making EU cities more friendly for pedestrians and bicycles and reduce associated traffic fatalities by facilitating an optimal integration of the soft transportation modes into the urban environment.

UrbanDynamics will boost our growth with revenues surpassing the €18 million in the 3rd year after market uptake and the creation of up to 15 new position.


Parent Programmes
Institution Type
Public institution
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Specific funding programme
Other Programme
EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 SME instrument


Lead Organisation
Vinotion Bv
DAALAKKERSWEG 2 58, 5641 JA EINDHOVEN, Netherlands
EU Contribution
€50 000


Technology Theme
Road and traffic management systems
Transport demand and network model
Development phase

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